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Increase Returns

Designed and analyzed to increase returns for investors

We look at markets and opportunities from the buy side. We look at underlying economics, costs, and incentives. Capital markets work because they are designed by investors to deploy capital in the highest return opportunities.

For qualified professionals

We are building an exclusive market for qualified professionals. Attempts at expanding access to smaller investors have delivered bad investments, attracted regulation, and reached limited pools of capital. A market for qualified professionals will attract better deals, deploy more capital, reduce regulatory requirements, and deliver higher returns.

Reliable, automated reporting

Better reporting will drive faster capital deployment, improved governance, and secondary market liquidity. We seek to add automated reporting to many types of underlying investments, and to improve and standardize the reporting from lead investors.

Global sourcing and syndication networks

We support global sourcing and syndication networks that expand dealflow, diversify a portfolio and improve collective decision making.

Well-designed secondary market

We are working to improve the design of secondary markets by including specific features that are appropriate for assets that are traded with limited liquidity

  • Managed transfer windows, ranging from infrequent approvals, to 1 day per quarter, to continuous trading.  We will batch up disclosures, bids, and offers into a time window that matches the disclosure capability and available liquidity.

  • Custody accounts and/or blockchain registries that include transfer as a feature

  • Rapid and direct payment processing for settlement and distributions

  • Exclusive, pre-qualified buyer “whitelist” with programmed compliance



Andy applies his fintech experience to figuring out how alternative portfolios can reliably make money, and covers the Americas.

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Csaba Robert Horvath

A venture builder turned venture finance professional, Csaba handles private investment in Asia and Europe from his base in Singapore.

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